Saturday, December 10, 2011


I made a decision a while back to do small birthday parties for as long as I could- aka until my kids beg and plead for something more.  So we typically just have a party with us and a family member or few friends.  This year Ben’s favorite Aunt Meme joined us. 

And now he is officially 2.  Although when we asked him how old he was he raised up 5 fingers and said “FOUR!”  He has been acting the part of 2 for a while now but now we can really use that excuse. 

Some things about Ben:

1. He’s a super sweet boy. 

2. He loves to cuddle and give you kisses.

3.  He is happy to be held and sit on your lap all day.

4. He is very much his own person.  Many times I don’t know how to explain what he does other than- yep that’s Ben.

5.  He LOVES his family.  He especially loves Sissy who he follows around everywhere and wants to do just what she does.

6.  He throws some serious tantrums.  Usually ending in him smacking his head as he throws his body back on the floor. (Yep- that’s Ben.)  And then looking at you like it is your fault he has hurt himself.

7. He can work the iPad all on his own.  He could do this for a few months now.  He knows exactly how to find Netflix and start up Go Diego Go.

8.  He is obsessed with Diego and Dora.  Especially on the iPad.

9.  He loves to make a mess.  His favorite thing is a clean room- that he can go in and pull everything down.   

10.  We love him.  He is our sweet little man and fits perfectly with our family. 


This year, Ben who normally loves to destroy stuff was for some reason terribly upset by the thought of ripping the paper off his presents. 


No daddy don’t unwrap it!!


You want me to rip the paper?


The big winner was the train set.  He and daddy and sissy had so much fun putting it together and running the trains.


On to cake! (Okay yes we had to rip him away from the trains to do cake.  Next year I guess cake is first.)

Here I am trying to show him how to blow out the candles.


Huh Mom?IMG_5009

He got it after a bit:


Ben’s style of eating:


I tried to get him to use a fork.  That lasted for about 20 seconds.


And now back to playing with trains.  Forget the cake. 


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