Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Nutcracker

This was James' second year being in The Nutcracker. Looking back I realize I was crazy for agreeing to this year. I mean hello my due date was the 1st and the performances were the 3rd & 4th- not to mention all the practices leading up to it.

But you pick your battles and you make it work. I was also crazy enough to go to the Sat performance with my 5 day old baby. But I had sacrificed James being gone so I really wanted to see the show.

It was worth it. I was exhausted by the time we got home. But James' mom took Ben and Sariah for the weekend and I knew I could rest.

Sariah loved going. She got to wear her special new Christmas dress and my mom braided her hair. She looked ADORABLE!!! And her favorite parts included:

When daddy came on stage: she yelled "That's my daddy!"

The Nutcracker (with the big head, not the doll or the prince): before he came out she kept asking "where's the nutcracker" and after he left she kept asking "when's the nutcracker coming back"

The dragon: during the Chinese dancers they had 4 little girls under a dragon like you see in parades. Sariah loved it but was sad when it left. I asked her why and she said she was sad "because the dragon didn't eat the princess at the end".

Little Bo Peep: they had a section with sheep and Little Bo Peep. She loves her from Toy Story so she was super excited that she was "just like in the movie"

Getting her own nutcracker doll: every little kid got their own little nutcracker. She was super excited she got a blue on just like in the show.

I could tell which parts she really liked because she would get up on her knees to watch it. They let all the kids come right up in front of the stage but Sariah preferred to sit back with me and Grandma at the table this time.

Here's a few little pictures:

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