Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elias James Ransom

The stats:

Born: November 29, 2011 at 12:24 pm
Length: 20 inches
Weight: 7lbs 15 oz
Head: 13 1/2 inches
Chest 13 1/2 inches

Lots of dark brown hair.
Super awake and alert- more than either of my other kids.
Good eater.

I was induced. The labor was 5hrs and 24 minutes. Everything went smoothly. He did have the cord around his neck twice.  My mom and James were there with me.


Okay so here are the pictures from the day Elias was born.  There are a few less modest shots- just to warn you.  Nothing too graphic though! Smile


Here we are before delivery.  Thank heaven for epidurals.  The one I got this time was a little different then my others.  He does 2 sort of.  The first he puts in is a fast acting drug and then he places the epidural.  So before I was even laying back, my legs were going numb.  Rather than having to wait the 30 minutes for the epidural to work.  It was really nice!



Quick eat lunch she is about to have a baby!! IMG_9116

So my timeline this time was really similar to Ben. I could almost copy my labor story from him and insert it here. But here is the quick report.

4:30AM: Wake up and Shower

6:00AM: Arrive at hospital

7:00AM: Doctor breaks water and starts Pitocin

9:30AM: Got Epidural

11:15AM: Nurse checks and I’m at a 6

11:27AM: I call the nurse back in because when she moved me to my other side about 10 minutes before I started feeling a lot of pressure on that side.  I thought the epidural was wearing off on that side.  She says, I bet your are ready- meaning ready to push.  I laughed because I think she is nuts.  I mean I was just at a 6.  We had sent James out to get lunch.  There was no way I was ready.  So she checks me and well I was 9.5 dilated.  She was like 2 more minutes and you will be ready. 

So now we are frantically calling and texting James.  We weren’t sure where he was exactly in the lunch getting process and sort of didn’t want him to miss the birth.  He was just pulling back in to the hospital.  So he rushed upstairs and him and mom both scarfed down lunch. 

Then we waited.  Yep that is right. Apparently it was a popular day to be induced with your 3rd kid.  There were two other women being induced with their third that day and we were all ready to push at the same time pretty much.  So everyone was racing around.  Eli probably would have been born a good 10 minutes sooner except the doctor was in the other room delivering the one of the other ladies.  The nurse even told the doctor if I hadn’t had an epidural, he wouldn’t have been delivering me.

So he finally came in, and they got all set up.  After pushing for 4 minutes (according to one of the nurses), Eli was born at 12:24pm.  I think I only pushed 4 or 5 times- it is okay you can hate me.   

James waiting for the doctor- can you tell we got no sleep the night before-  


Here is our little Elias James Ransom


This is Dr. Billharz- who was great! I saw him a ton when I was pregnant with Ben, but only once this pregnancy.  It was nice to have a doctor I knew this time though.  I forgot to get one with our AWESOME nurse- Stephanie.  She was super great too!


They like to do the skin to skin right after birth which is super nice.  Just so sweet to hold your baby right away. 


One of my biggest complaints with being induced is the no food after midnight the night before rule.  So I’m always STARVING by the time the baby is born.  And for some reason my darling husband thinks he should get a picture of me eating right after birth.  It is a tradition now I guess. 


Grandma Ransom (James’ mom) was awesome and watched our kids during the labor.  So they got to come up just shortly after Eli was born.  Sariah wasn’t sure at first.  I think just the hospital setting intimidated her.  Then when I asked if she wanted to see his hair- she was in love. 


I will post the video of Ben soon.  It was probably the cutest reaction.  He just kept shouting BABY BABY! and patting Eli.  He LOVES his brother!

So here is our family of five!  Still so hard to believe I have 3 kids. 


The required silly face picture.


And here I am with Eli after the kids left.  So yeah I guess with the 3rd kid things do slide.  Apparently, since James was taking all the pictures I forgot to get the camera away from him and take some of him with the baby.  Ugh! 


I always have to check out their hair.  Forgot the 10 fingers and 10 toes thing.  Look at that cute head of hair!  Most of it is dark but he has some blonde mixed in. And his eyes seem lighter than the other kids so it will be interesting to see what color they end up. 


Also a little side note fact-  Eli has his daddy’s name as his middle name and they are both 3rd in birth order and each have 1 older brother and 1 older sister. 


Jennie said...

Congrats Sam! He is adorable...really your whole family is adorable! :)

Dixie Mom said...

He's so beautiful Sam. Just like all your babies. Congratulations!