Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I like to know where I started and see progress. With that said, I'm actually in really good shape in my opinion. I ran 15 miles last week for marathon training. I regularly workout. And strength wise feel pretty good. So why am I doing a juice fast/reboot?  

Weight: 146.4
While I'm not completely attached to a number I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds. Despite my intense exercise, I am at a pretty sharp plateau for weight loss. 

Measurement: 33 in waist; 22L 23R thigh

This is where I'd like some change. Mostly the waist. After 3 kids my belly isn't what it once was. And probably will never be that again. But it would be nice to have it a little closer. 

So why am I doing this??

Partly to support Meg. I had really considered it before but could quite commit. Seeing her commit made me want to do it with her. 

I would like to be healthier. I'm hoping this will kick start better habits and get my diet back on track. 

Energy. I feel like I'm always running and always tired. I'm hoping this will give me some energy boosts from cutting out all the crap. :)

So there is the start. 

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