Friday, September 13, 2013


So yesterday was day 3 of my juice fast. It didn't end quite how I wanted. I had barely started my afternoon juice when we needed to go get Sariah from the bus. I debated on taking it with me but thought we would be quick so I left it home. 

We came home to find that one of the boys locked the inner garage door and we were now completely locked out of the house. So by the time we got back into the house I was feeling awful. I tried the juice but since they were the more potent green and red varieties I simply couldn't stomach it. So sadly I ended a little early. But I stayed healthy. I had grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and peas. Then the fruit I would have juiced for dessert with a few raw almonds. 

So today I weighed 141.6. Which means I lost a total of 4.8 lbs.  That is pretty significant to me. Now the fun will be seeing if I keep it all off. 

My waist went down 1 inch to a 32. And my legs went down just slightly. 

So I'm happy with the physical results. It did get me motivated again to eat healthier. Today I did fairly good. I did splurge on a frozen pizza tonight as I was too burned out to cook. But the rest of the day I did awesome. 

I think I would do it again. And I somewhat plan to after the marathon. I do plan to still juice just not exclusively. 

Yay for being healthy!!

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