Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 2

So I'm down another pound now at 143.4. Not sure why the .4 is staying the same but oh well!

Yesterday was rough. Way rough. And now starts the point where I share too much information. So I tried one of the recipes with beets. It is pretty alarming to poop beets. Just sayin. But beyond that the diarrhea came. And came all morning long. It was bad. I felt so crummy by lunch time I drank half of my green juice and then slept for several hours. Thankfully Eli took a long nap and a friend of mine brought Ben home from the birthday party he was at. 

Although I felt better from my nap, I had accomplished nothing that day. So I ran around like a crazy person trying to get the rest of my juice made and clean house and get prettied up for a baby shower I was going to. 

So feeling pretty decent I get out of the house and head to the shower when I see a voicemail from my sister. She was surprised my kids weren't at dance class. Crap. I thought juicing was supposed to help with memory and mental clarity. Guess I'm a complete lost cause because I COMPLETELY forgot both kids had Dance class. Total mom fail. 

I went to the baby shower that was serving a complete dinner and cake. And yes just frantically chewed gum the whole time. It was fun and hard. 

Then my sis started getting really sick. So I got a text after the shower that she won't be able to keep the juice fast with me. 

So I came home tired, still not feeling super great, and just emotionally down. 

Yeah don't make me repeat day 2. 

But today is day 3. I'm halfway through the day. And I've decided that the 3 day plan is enough for me. I will probably still juice some tomorrow but not exclusively. 

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