Friday, January 7, 2011

Sariah turns 3

Today my princess turned 3. We had a truly fun day together.

Breakfast with Aunt Meme- chocolate donuts

Got all new books to read at the library

Did a little shopping at our favorite red store- Target

Came home and ate a ton of our favorite food- pasta with Parmesan cheese

Took a nap

Mom made Cinderella cupcakes during the nap

Went to Chucky Cheeses and played a ton of games- including scoring 25 tickets on Deal or No deal by picking the highest case and not taking any of the bankers deals

Opened way to many presents- she is a princess after all

Ended at our pals the Kingsbury's having candles, singing, cupcakes and more playing.

What an awesome birthday. Love you to my princess.

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Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Sariah!