Friday, January 21, 2011

San Diego Zoo and Temple

James loves to tell people that Diego means James in Spanish.  And thus San Diego is Saint James.  So feel free to call him Diego anytime- he likes it.

On to the post.

Meg and I got to go enjoy the San Diego Zoo and check out the temple really quick afterwards.  

Look how cute and cuddly this little koala is.  Makes me want to snuggle up somewhere and nap.



No I am not smelling my armpit here.  We are doing our “elephant” trunks. 



They had lots of animal statues you could climb on.  I think Sariah liked this better than the actual animals in the zoo.




Here we are in the air tram.  Meg wasn’t too fond of the jerkiness of the ride and definitely wasn’t happy about the height but she was a good sport and rode it anyways.  It was a really cool view so high above the city. 


And now for a beautiful sight!  The LDS Temple in San Diego.  It truly was breathtaking.   


Me and Tina out front.  Love ya sis!


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