Monday, August 17, 2009


So I got my little pregnancy tracker email today that I'm about 27 weeks along. Agh!! What? Really? I only have like a little over 3 months left? Huh!?

I have WAY too much to do still. I mean my craft room that will be the baby's room isn't really even fit to be called a craft room according to my husband it is the junk room. We have Sariah's new toddler bed, but yep it just came this weekend and is still in the box. So need to get her transitioned before the baby comes. I have some clothes but umm hello Sariah was a girl who wore all pink so I'm completely started over pretty much. Still need to clean the room out, paint the room, set up the room.

Hopefully the baby isn't early- that is all I've got to say!



Meagan said...

You will be fine. Everything is under control. It will all work out. I will be over tomorrow to help you out. The kids are back in school tomorrow!!!!!! Yippy!!!

McAtee Family said...

Ughh!!! I know how you feel...I am creeping up on 31 weeks. The room is not even near ready - the crib is still in a box in the garage. I keep waiting for Mike to become super-hubby and have the desire to do some of these things on his own, but so far, no luck.

mtritterbusch said...

Ah yes...let the nesting begin!!!

KC Mom said...

oooh, are you going to paint fun stuff like you did in Sariah's room??

Anie said...

Wow, and I thought I had a lot to do! Good luck! I know you can make it happen and then some!