Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rollercoaster ride #1

My work.

Okay I have been blessed for a little over 2 years with pretty much the perfect job. I was able to work the hours I wanted, when I wanted and once Sariah was born I was able to pretty much do it all from home. I would go up to the office for maybe an hour a week. My boss totally rocks! He is very understanding and has put a lot of trust in me. So when he moved to head up the Utah office, I was unsure what that would change. For a while nothing really. Then I got more independent I guess you could say. Rarely would we talk. He mostly just let me do what I knew I needed to do and we only talked when I had a real question or concern. So then the only other person in the office location here started traveling- a lot. And at the beginning of this month, it was decided that he would move to FL to head up the office there. So that left me concerned. What did that mean for me? Did I have a job still?

Well Monday came the call. You know THE CALL. So after what I think was a good conversation, it was decided that I will no longer do the company accounting. They will have a CPA in Utah taking that over and I will only help with my boss' personal finances (which I have been doing as well.) So that means like part time to hardly working. It really cuts my hours.

So now I've had a couple of days to digest that. James and I had a big talk Monday night about our budget. We had come to rely on my income and perhaps lived more frivolously than we should have been. So now, well it's back to NO SPENDING MONEY time. Back to really watching the budget. Cutting out the things that aren't really needed and sticking to it. It doesn't mean we are going bankrupt or losing the house. Thankfully, we weren't THAT FRIVOLOUS. But it does mean some extensive lifestyle changes and a few set backs on paying some things off.

Part of me is elated about this change. I have been wanting to be full time mom with less distractions for a while. Although I could work from home, I still had to devote time to work and not my home or Sariah. It relieves many fears of how I was going to manage those hours when our new arrival comes. But the other side is sad. I loved working. Although I complained, when it really came down to it, I liked being part of the company. I loved the people I worked with. I liked feeling like all those hours in school were worth it. And lets face it- the paycheck was awesome!

Overall I've come to a conclusion. That this is a blessing as long as I CHOOSE to see it as a blessing. If I want to see it as a trial or hardship then that is exactly what it will be. But if I want to look at all the good and positive and know that we can do this, then it will be the best change.


KC Mom said...

Gosh, work upheaval is no fun. I'm on a really tight budget right now, one that I haven't been on in many, many years. I think it's good to learn to reign in the expenses and learn to "make do or do without" once every decade or so.
I'm going to learn how to master the coupon thing, if you want you can learn with me. Maybe there is something we can learn from this experience!

Alaska Law said...

I've been there....I know just how you feel about all of it. Good Luck--it is an adjustment.

Shauna said...

I remember when I quit my job after alexis was born and we didn't know how we were going to make it. I was/still am amazed how it all works out. the truth is you spend what you make. you will be blessed. it still stinks:)

McAtee Family said...

I feel your pain (granted I did the choosing on quitting my job). It is scary - we relied a lot on my income and I still am having a hard time realizing that it is not going to magically appear into my account at the end of the month.

But that being said - I have found it has really given me the kick in the pants to be aware of what I am spending where before, we were doing what we wanted when we wanted. It has given me a HUGE desire to make sure that we have adequate savings as well as living debt free - just in case something were to happen. Basically, I have taken the prophets advice to heart and am striving to do better.

So - view it as a blessing - although I have to admit, when I have the urge to hit the mall, it doesn't feel so much like a blessing.

We all need to get together and master the coupon thing together!