Monday, August 17, 2009

The manipulation has begun

Okay. That is such a simple word - okay. So how did my daughter figure out already how to turn that against me?

Sariah has started saying okay instead of yes. And it is totally cute. But I came to a realization with this. That somehow she says okay and then I've agreed to give her the item in question. how did that happen? She is a total talker and usually I can figure out what she is asking for. But I still usually ask her to just make sure I know what she is saying so here is a figurative example.

Sariah says "Book". I say "You want to read a book?" (Just trying to know if that is what she is asking for. Sariah says "Okay" And now somehow I've agreed to read her a book right then.

Sariah says "Bite" in the direction of my candybar. I say "Bite?" Trying to see if that is what she said. Sariah says "Okay" And now I've somehow agreed to share my candy bar with her.

Wow she's too smart!


Meagan said...

And I wonder where she got it from???? Hmmm... Let me think. I remember mom saying that one of us kids was able to talk her parents into anything. Now let me think, which one of us is the baby??

kristin elaine said...

*Rolling on the Floor Laughing Hysterically* Oh my....well welcome to toddlerhood.

I am totally with Meg in her comment too. Thank you for the laugh!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Um she is a princess, she shouldn't have to ask for a bite of your chocolate bar. She should have her own already..