Friday, August 28, 2009

Still not a gardener

So it's no big secret that my thumb is not only not green it is pretty
much black. I just don't seem to do well with plants. So this year I
decided to try doing just on tomato plant. Yep that's right just one.
So of course I did pretty good at first. Then there came a point where
I forgot it for a few days. It withered up and I thought I had
probably killed it. I mean the leaves were completely dry. But for
kicks it decided to still water it and see. I was SO excited to have
on little tomato grow.

Well it looked great from one side (the side facing to window I
watched it from of course). So it was so sad to see it from this
angle. Yeah guess I'm still not really a gardener.


Rob the Blog Ninja said...


Feed it to James, he has been so hungry lately he wouldn't even notice. He ate half my Chipotle burrito last night!

Lisa said...

Hey, it came back and even bore fruit. I'd say you did pretty good.