Sunday, March 15, 2009


So today was an interesting Sunday. I woke up a little late. James hasn't felt great this weekend and decided to stay home sick from church. I was going to leave Sariah with him, but she woke up and I decided to take her with me. Church was really great. Just upbeat lessons the whole time that all seemed to flow together. It was just what I needed to hear. So props to all the teachers and speakers!

Then I came home and poor James has really hurt his back. He has pulled or strained something. So hopefully tomorrow it will be better. Until then pain meds are his friend!

Then I went up to see my dad at KU Med with my mom and 2 of my sisters. He was feeling pretty crummy when we first came. But then they got him some pain meds for his headache and after that he perked up. It was good to see him for me.

Then back home and James' parents stopped by for a quick chat on their way home to Maryville. It was so fun. Sariah can be pretty sassy and anti social when she wants to in terms of not wanting people to hold her. But she went and sat with Grandma and Grandpa tonight- which I loved!

And that was my day. I know not the most witty or dynamic blog post. But it was my day none the less! hehehe


Anie said...

sounds like your Sunday was busy! Hope your dad gets feeling better!

Shauna said...

the common todays is what make our lives best memories! Thanks!!