Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get back in your bed

I'm currently sitting outside Eli's room. I just finished folding a load of laundry on the floor. And I'm sitting here repeatedly saying nope get back in your bed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the wonderful world of twos. For quite a few weeks bedtime has been a battle. Battle of wills. Eli has won a few nights but hopefully the war will ultimately go to me. I've tried locking him in his room. We currently have the light bulbs unscrewed so he can't play with the lights all night. And yet there is still plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Tonight's strategy.... Trying for quiet. I'm letting his door be open but not letting him come out. Hoping if we can conquer the getting out of bed then nighttime will go more smoothly. Time will tell. As a parent you learn, even if the plan makes perfect sense it may not work. I don't have the time to sit outside his room every night for hours. Nor will my butt bone handle the floor that long. But tonight we will try it. And try to remember that I should cherish his littleness because this won't last forever.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Do you smell cheese?

I was trying to get the house back in order before heading out to a baby shower.  I was upstairs doing laundry and had just started a load.  I went into the hall and smelled a weird sort of cheese smell.  I went into my room and the smell went away.  I thought that was odd.  But in my busy state I was trying hard to finish getting laundry done. 

About 10 minutes later, Ben comes up.  “Umm mommy….Eli is downstairs spraying parmesan cheese everywhere.”

Yes, the weird cheese smell was parmesan cheese.  Which now covered pretty much my entire wood floor.  From the front door, across the wood path, throughout the kitchen and dining room.  And let me tell you that stuff is hard to sweep up.  Just moist enough it sticks the broom, but fine enough that it is hard to get it all. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

Thank you Walter

Tonight I am thankful for the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If you haven't seen it you should. It is beautiful and sweet and leaves your heart feeling warm.

It reconnected me with my dad in the best of ways tonight. One of my biggest lessons of my dad being so sick was to cherish time with those we love. To really live life to its fullest. I knew my time was numbered with him and numbered much shorter than I would have ever wished. Anytime he called I seriously dropped everything to be with him. We did breakfast a minimum of once a week. I took him to appointments. It was some of my most cherish times, because I could really recognize how special it was. I would watch him with my babies and try so hard to mentally burn the images into my memory. It was my ghost cat pictures if you will.

Watching the movie just made remember those days with him and how wonderful and exciting it was to really be in the moment. Often my life is so full and I feel like I'm running every day all day long. And truly with my two boys I kinda am. But I hope I can refocus a bit. That I can recognize those moments again. Those glimpses of the purpose of life.

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