Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I miss my snoring bed

This has probably been one of the harder weeks having James gone. Last night I missed coming back to bed to find him snoring. I missed my bed being warm. 

My life with 4 isn't quite what I imagined. One aspect is that James was originally supposed to be done traveling before the baby came. The traveling has cut back but will continue through the new year I have no doubt. It isn't that life with 4 is awful. In fact I think it has been an easier transition than 3 was so far.  

I have lots of help and people have brought meals but it doesn't quite match up to actually having your spouse home. So thankful there is only 1 travel week this month. And thankful we get a few extra days with him home from the office next week. I kinda want to skip Thanksgiving and just stay home as a family all weekend. Is that bad?  

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