Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eli is TWO

Not a lot of fan fare this year.  And it took us a few day to celebrate fully due to the closeness to Thanksgiving.  But he didn’t mind.  And was super happy with a chocolate cake.  And somehow he knew the minute he turned two and cranked up the sassy. 

I love this sweet little man though.  He is our biggest kid by far as he is already wearing 3T and a few 4T clothes.  He loves to wrestle his brother Ben and grab him around the waist and slowly lean over to pull him down to the ground.  His grin and eyelashes still melt my heart even when he is being ornery.  He is completely in love with Sariah.  Every day when we go to pick her up from the bus, the minute he sees the bus he starts yelling- RIA RIA RIA.     

He is now super into puzzles and trains.  And loves to claim the iPad as his own. 

Not a big talker, but still knows how to get his way.  And when he says woove you momma- gosh he can get whatever he wants. 






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