Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ben turned 4

So my little man turned 4 today.  Ben is so many things and always has me on my toes.  I have probably yelled the loudest at him and yet felt such overwhelming love for him.  He is the kid that will snuggle up to you and say "Mom your my buddy, I love you."  He is so hard to photograph, because he won't even hold still enough for the DSLR camera.  He has boundless energy and will be on the go for as long as he can, but still needs his naps.  He still gets up at night and usually wants to "snuggle for 1 minute" before getting back in his bed.  He would still follow Sariah anywhere and is now happy to lead Eli around too. 
Love you Ben!  You crack me up and make me feel loved, along with wanting to pull my hair out.  I sure hope you are always the momma's boy that you are now!

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