Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The whole story

So after briefly talking about Ben’s nighttime adventures in the other post, I decided it was worth telling the whole story as its own post.

Ben has never been a good sleeper, but lately what he does when he gets up has been……interesting??

So a few backup examples:

A long time ago, probably while he was still 2.  I woke up to “Go Diego Go” theme song.  I came out to find him watching Diego on the iPad at the kitchen table at about 3 am.

A few weeks ago, I heard rustling downstairs.  I came down to find him pushing the barstool up to the cabinet and trying to stand on it to get the cereal from the top shelf.  (Yes if a robber came in the middle of the night, I would probably assume it was Ben and some downstairs in less than appropriate nightwear. :))

So then this week- he’s had two exciting nights.

The first night, I decided I needed a relaxing bath as I’ve been, well, a bit high strung lately.  So I spent a long time with the jets on after “putting the kids to bed.”  I came out to hear rustling downstairs again, and at first thought it was just James.  So I go down the hall to find that Eli’s door is open, light on, and he’s fast asleep in his crib.  (This was when I knew it was Ben not James.)  So I pulled Eli’s covers on him, turned out the light,and took a deep breath as I headed downstairs. 

Ben was sitting at the kitchen table (at least that part he is pretty good at.)  I walk over to find scissors clutched in his hand, a shredded label on the donut package, a shredded cookie wrapper, and a half eaten cookie in his other hand.  Oh yes.  He has tried to cut into the donut package (the plastic kind from the bakery).  I guess when that failed, he remembered that dad had brought home cookies from work.  So he had all three of them over with him.  But had managed to cut only one open when I came down. 

So I’ve been working on my anger management- especially when it comes to Ben.  So I calmly told him that he couldn’t have the rest of the cookie until tomorrow and to get back into bed.  He cried a little, but obliged and went upstairs.  I was actually pretty surprised at how easy he went to bed.  I cleaned up the mess and then heard rustling upstairs.

Somehow he snuck a bag of pineapple chips upstairs with him and was trying to eat those.  I PROMISE we feed him.  He had eggs, grits, and toast for dinner.  He even got a donut for FHE dessert.  The kid wasn’t starving or anything! 

So needless to say that when I found him last night at 1am in Eli’s room.  I wasn’t surprised.  I was surprised that he was asleep in the rocking chair and Eli was up having a party in his crib.

photo 2

  photo 3

Not sure I’ll ever get a good night’s sleep. 

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