Saturday, May 19, 2012

Temple Run

Today I ran in the second annual Temple Run. It is a fun, casual, and free 5k that starts and ends near the new Kansas City LDS temple. I ran last year while I was pregnant with Eli and made myself super sick. (Yep like ER visit the following Monday). But this year I am happy to say that I feel great. It was a nice cloudy day with lots of wind. I think my time was about 33min 30sec but will have to wait for the results. I started way behind everyone else because I got there late and didn't want to smush up with the other runners, which makes your time off from the clock. And I'm lame and forgot to get a picture until we were already back to our car. So no good picture in front of the temple or during the race. But here I am after completing my first race since Eli was born.

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