Monday, May 14, 2012

Just go with it

I was chatting with some friends who are getting ready to have their third baby. They are a bit overwhelmed and unsure- which I totally remember. I told them it isn't like I feel like I have everything under control, but I am to where I've accepted the crazy. I know that taking all three kids to the store will be hectic and crazy, but I can do it. I just know this is life and I have to just go with it.

We have a few weeks off from school before summer semester starts- hallelujah!!

We are meeting with our realtor tomorrow to switch from "For Sale By Owner" to fully listed. We just weren't getting showings. I'm daunted by it but also excited. I am hoping to sell quick and be able to focus on packing and moving. So all prayers are appreciated!!

We walked through our new house tonight. It is changing so fast! The roof should be on this week. We went and picked out super cool appliances tonight. Very exciting!! I'm still not always sure this is really happening. It is exciting and crazy- but that's life and you just go with it!

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thepainterfamily said...

i want to hear about your appliances!!!

We have to purchase a refrigerator this (or next) week.

I'm all ears!