Monday, September 14, 2009

Honey my car won't start

This is how my Friday started. I'm not a morning person. Thankfully
Sariah isn't either and usually sleeps til at least 8. So needless to
say James is very good at being quiet in the morning and leaves for
work without really seeing me or Sariah. And that is something I truly
love about him.

So on Friday when he comes in and wakes me up I'm not
really with it. I hear "My car is dead. Do you need to go anywhere or
can I take the Scion?". Well I did need to go to work because I was
meeting someone to pick up our water cooler thing. So I tell him that I need a car and he says he would go jump his. As I lay back down and try to go back to sleep I realize that he was probably running late and rushing to get to work and that I could probably just get his car jumped later. I didn't need to be at the office until 10. So I go downstairs and tell him to just go to work and take my car. That I will sort through his later. To leave my purse and the carseat.

So when I wake up I begin calling around. My sister is in class. My dad isn't answering his phone. Then thankfully I got a text from our good friend Rob saying he will be right over. So he comes over and we try to "back the car into the driveway." We learned that apparently the car won't go into neutral if there is no power. So we decide to pull Rob's truck into the garage. Okay so he doesn't have a little truck and seriously there was like 2 inches on either side with the mirrors folded in. After that he goes to hook up the battery and the connector comes right off. When he jiggles that, we can tell it wasn't that the battery needed a jump. It just needed a tighter connection. So we risked pulling the truck in just for fun!

And really that was just the start of the day. From then I realized that my office keys were with James connected to my car keys. So drove down to his office (Overland Park). I was a little early for lunch so we went to the JC Penny's outlet and picked up some jeans for my dad- who is continually needed new clothes that won't fall off him. We then went to the office and did lunch with James and was so thankful that the water people could meet me later. After lunch we drove up and the water guy showed up about 2 minutes later.

Then we drove to the cancer center by KU med to pick up a prescription for my dad. After that we had to go to 2 different CVS stores to have the 2 prescriptions filled. I did find some deals at each place though. Some of those medium size bouncy balls at one store for 20 cents instead of $2. Then at the other store I found some cute little crocs for 80 cents and a toy for sand or water for 70 cents. So not a total loss.

We took the meds to dad. And by the time I got home I was exhausted! Sariah and I each took a nap. And that concluded my very busy feeling but very unproductive feeling day! :(


Rob the Blog Ninja said...

I really want to give James a hard time about this but you leave me no openings!

Alaska Law said...

I exhausted just hearing about your day!

Meagan said...

But the therapeutic ice cream at the end of the evening was perfect right!

Lisa said...

For future reference: my schedule is always crazy, but Chad only has class on Tues and Thurs. So, if something like this happens again, you can always give him a try.