Tuesday, September 8, 2009

30 weeks

So I had my doctor appointment today. I'm officially 30 weeks along now. So 10 more to go. Everything checked out great! He said I'm measuring just right and all my tests look good. I guess if I can average about 1lb per week I will gain the "ideal" weight! Hehehe I'm happy to be on track but let's just admit that I'm not going to deny myself any yummy food just to gain the perfect weight.

But YIKES!! I mean really only 2 and 1/2 months left! Is that for real? I'm not at all ready so I will hopefully be getting a lot done in the next month. (Let's face it you really are good for nothing the last month.) I have made some progress on cleaning and clearing out the room, but unfortunately not quite to the painting stage. I'm hoping to be there by this weekend.

I do enjoy the perks of nesting. I know maybe I'm weird. But I like that weird drive to do extra cleaning. Things that I would normally let slide or just do halfway. Tonight I was vacuuming and notice that a lot of strings, hair, etc had built up around the brush roller thing in the bottom. So I sat down and pulled it all out and made sure the vacuum was all ready to go. And didn't even feel like grumbling a bit! It is just nice to have that drive for a little while. (Not that this means my house is spotless, but it is on its way! :) )

I will try to get a picture up. I'm not very good at remembering to take pregnancy pictures. I had that goal to do one a month but nope didn't happen with Sariah and didn't happen this time. Oh well.

So here's to 10 more weeks! (Maybe 11 is he is at all like his sister!)

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Lisa said...

I wish my doctor would tell me I needed to gain a pound a week. :)Glad everything is going well. Second babies usually don't take as long as first babies, since your body has already done it once.