Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too seriously

I'm learning not to take myself too seriously. I know better than to
go to bed with my hair wet. It always does something funky. And the
shorter it is the funkier it goes. But every once in a while I need a
shower and just don't get to it earlier in the day. So these pictures
don't even do it justice with how truly bad my hair was the next
morning. I tried to truly capture the full glory of it but I think
hair this bad can only be fully appreciated in person. I will give you
some descriptions to help. It had a full swirly pattern in the back
forcing all if the hair forward and then stuck straight out on the
side. Pretty hilarious to me. Hopefully you will get a kick out of it
and learn not to take yourself too seriously today!

The swirl


RitterB's said...

I have bed head EVERY morning... Shower or not... If you catch me early enough... You may get a sneek peek... but dont count on pictures!
Love it! Thanks for the share! We are taking things TOO serious here in Plano, Texas... Thanks for helping lighten the mood!

KC Mom said...

Ha! For a minute there I thought you put in a mini pony tail in your own hair. When I had short hair I often woke with some doozie hair do's.

Tina said...

Nice swirl! My hair won't swirl; it frizzes. If I just let my hair air dry naturally, it looks like Anne Hathaway's in the Princess Diaries---BEFORE she had her princess makeover.

Alaska Law said...

Thanks for the pictures!