Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bike ride

We borrowed my sister's bike trailer and last night was our first test
for Sariah. She loved it. She also really loved getting dressed up in
daddy's biking gear- helmet and gloves. James even talked me into
riding the bike for a while. For those of you who don't know. I'm
pretty horrible and slightly scared riding a bike. I was never very
good as a kid. But last night I did a lot better. So who knows maybe
with some practice I'll get to really enjoy it. Although my bum isn't
sure this morning.


Colton Anne said...

We used ours a while back and I used Nick's bike and he used mine so he could pull the girls...my bum was so sore for a week!! I feel your pain! I think next time it will be worth the soreness in my legs to pull the girls than to ride his bike!

KC Mom said...

Yeah..the sore bum thing after you ride the first time in a long time is hard.
My kids LIVED in bike trailers when they were small. But I lived in a small town where there were plenty of safe places to ride. I don't think the northland is very good for bike riding. But it is sooo much fun for the kids. The girls used to even take long naps while I rode.