Friday, July 10, 2009

I knew someday

That Sariah would test the crayon boundary. She loves to color. And
she has been great about only doing it on the paper or coloring book I
give her. But today... she ventured off with a crayon. Next thing I
know I have nice coloring on my wall. She did color match almost with
blue on blue. Also she did it where I painted a mural so I guess she's
just following my example of coloring on the walls... sigh :)


Amber said...

Magic Eraser will take care of it...

McAtee Family said...

Aghhh...I hate Crayola on the wall. Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser - we have put it to good use since our girls have been born. Just wait until you have 2 little ones - then you have the same results, just double the amount of space to clean :)

kristin elaine said...

All I can do is laugh and direct you to my blog about the sharpie pen art work on my bedroom wall.

I love you, sis.

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

oh no haha

James said...

I wish you had some video of her doing that!

So cute.