Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally some wedding pictures!

Okay so a few months back, I told you that I did wedding pictures for my sister in law in CT. So here are some highlights:

Here is Sariah with her Great Grandma Dorn. It was so cute seeing them together!
Here is Evgeny and Jorge that I talked about in the earlier post. Evgeny and James used to work together and the two of them hosted us at their beautiful beach front home on Sunday after the wedding.
James and I even managed to sneak in a dance!
Sariah helped everyone raise the roof!


kristin elaine said...


KC Mom said...

Awesome pictures. I love the columns in the backdrop!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Wow those look great.

Tina said...

Those are some great pictures, Sam!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great pics! (if I may say so myself) :) Thanks again for doing our wedding photos.