Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I'm going to admit it....I'm sadly totally into all the Bachelor/ette shows. I haven't watched all the past seasons or anything. But when a new one comes on, now that I have a DVR I don't miss it. Right now is the Bachelorette- Jillian. She's cute and fun.

I've never actually watched a girl one all the way through so I think it will be interesting. For the most part the show is just fun people watching for me. I think it is facinating- with the knowledge that they hype things up and make it exciting-- it is a reality show not actually reality.

James just sits and laughs that I like it so much and get so into it. I know it is an addiction. And isn't the first step admitting it!?? hehehe


AngelaMuir said...

with all that lying down you were bound to get addicted to something on tv! and yes i quite the sugar fast. im so bad!

RitterB's said...

Yep...I am too! Although I did not really enjoy last night.

Anie said...

I watched this show for the first time this year, it is really interesting to watch the people and pick favs and see how long they last, Jill was my fav, I am excited she is the bachelorette!