Thursday, May 14, 2009

At my end

Although my morning sickness hasn't been as bad this time, I'm at my
mental block point. I'm just not sure how much longer I can handle
being sick. I'm not throwing up like I did with Sariah but I still
spend a majority of my day on the couch. Keeping horizontal is one of
the few things that helps.

It isn't just physically wearing but mentally breaks me down. I can't
do anything! I am barely keeping up with work and the house and many
days fail at both. I want to do things with Sariah- go places and
things but I can't. It is even hard to shower on a regular basis-
gross I know!

So I'm 13 weeks (and a few days). Just hopeful that I won't be sick
the whole time. At about 14 weeks I starting improving with Sariah and
at 16 was pretty normal. So I am just praying that will hold true
again. I just want to get back to life- or enjoying it really.

Even this is being written on my phone from my couch. I was feeling
too sick to eat at the table. :(

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Shauna said...

Oh man just reading your post brings back the worst memories. I feel your pain it is just miserable...I was sick the entire pregnancy with Jack, I will never forget after having him in the hospital and they brought me food...and for the first time in 10 months food tasted good, and my stomach didn't feel upset, I had forgotten how good I could feel. Hang in is so hard to be a momma wife and a sickie pregie all at once. Let me keep Sieria so you can take a nap.

Catherine said...

Dude. I'm so sorry. I HATE being pregnant. So I feel for you!

KC Mom said...

So sorry. You have just reminded me I don't want to do that again. Great birth control!!

Anie said...

Fancy seeing you at home depot! especially considering how terrible you have felt lately! Wish I could have said more then high, I was with a really high maintainance customer... anyway, I hope things start improving for you!