Monday, August 25, 2014

Ramblings of life

I don’t think anyone really reads my blog anymore, and that is actually okay with me.  I’m pretty sporadic about posting and I don’t know that my life is all that interesting.  But I still want to keep some journaling so this is more for me than others. 

Life doesn’t slow down.  I think I’ve finally learned and accepted this fact.  I pretty much always think we are crazy busy no matter how hard I try for us not to be.  And I used to think…..once we are done with________ than life will slow down.   Now I’ve learned that the blank just gets filled in with something else.  :)

So life right now consists of a lot of doing it on my own.  James travels M-F now; meaning leaving Monday morning like 4am and getting back Friday night usually 6-7pm.  It isn’t a permanent thing- I think I would actually lose my mind if that were the case.  But he’s been doing it for about 3 months and probably has one more month to go.  Some weeks are good and some weeks I’m kinda a wreck.  Last week was an emotional wreck week- being 7 months pregnant with your 4th kid doesn’t help.  This week is a little better so far.  But it means learning to just get things done.  Not much use waiting for James to do it as well Saturdays fill up fast when that is the only real day you are home.  It also means lots of doing bedtime alone- not my fav.  But it means a weekly date night every week since that is now high priority.  It means a better job that James loves and a much happier husband.  So for now I will suck it up and take it!  (And maybe eat a lot more chocolate)

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