Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sundays are often not relaxing. Many times I go to bed wishing for another weekend rather than Monday to come.

Today started a bit rough. We had stake conference which meant 2 hours of sermon. Yeah that is about 2 hours too much for Ben. He really struggles to sit through church. Speaking of is anyone has great wisdom on how to get him to go to class please share. So needless to say we spent a lot of time in the hall.

But last night I was able to go alone and actually listen to the adult session which was marvelous. It filled my heart again and put some oil back in my lamp. I also got a sweet package from someone in my ward to "brighten my day". And honestly I'm not sure she will fully know how much it meant to me.

But today we actually did get some rest. I took a sweet nap with Ben. And then we spent time with family.

I had a thought at the meeting today. Just as the Lord's peace doesn't mean life without trials. The Lord's rest on Sunday doesn't mean a day of no work. Something I need to keep in mind when it feels like a day of a lot of work. :).

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