Saturday, July 21, 2012


The past few days have been a crazy whirlwind.

James and I took an inpromptu trip to Denver. James found a super awesome bike he wanted. So we drove overnight, spent not even a full day to pick it up and do lunch with his cousin and hubby,. and then drove back. We left the kids behind with his sister and niece. Totally not something we would normally do.

Then we sent the kids to grandma for a night. This was planned well before the CO trip. This was so we could write papers since next week is finals and both of my classes are making everything due before Wed. So today I wrote-a lot!

My brain is tired. My body is fully off schedule. And it is nice to sit here and snuggle my baby who I missed so much.

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thepainterfamily said...


i fantasize about THAT much uninterrupted time (even if it is driving) with david :)

hope finals week is kind to you! Congrats on another semester down :)