Friday, April 20, 2012

Life AKA Craziness

So I'm a little sad that I haven't kept up my goal of daily blogging.  But the resolution wasn't to be perfect just to try.  So I'm hoping to get back on top of it.  Life is sort of known as craziness right now for me.  I've come to realize I'm not unique in this.  Most people's lives are crazy and busy most of the time.  That is JUST LIFE!!  Right now is a higher level of crazy, but you just push through and keep going.  So here's a glimpse at my current level of crazy.

Three kids- enough said! hahaha!  Having three small kids at home is a challenge.  My house is always a little or well more than likely a lot messy.  There is always laundry to do. Dishes to wash.  Floor to sweep.  But also hands to hold.  Kisses to give. Snuggles to enjoy.  And fun conversations with sweet little voices and smiles. 

Sariah- is almost done with preschool.  I think she and I will both miss it!  It has been a hard schedule to adjust to, because it is through the high school child development lab and different times and days each week.  But she has loved it and learned sooooooo much!

Ben- is finally sleeping better.  He still gets up occasionally during the night but since his surgery it hasn't been an every night occurance.  He is also starting to find his little voice and speak up more instead of letting sissy do all the talking.  He is still completely addicted to the iPad and Thomas the train.

Eli- should have his own little post but this will do for now.  He is almost 5 months and weighs 20.5 lbs.  CHUNKY!!  He started cereal this week and really eats it so well.  I think he might be growing again because he wants to nurse constantly.  Growing?  I know!  Crazy.  His spitting up seems to be somewhat milk related.  As I have cut out and seriously limited my milk intake this week, his spitting up has gotten way better.  Not gone but better. 

School- Yep James and I are pluggin along at our masters one class as a time.  So each weekend I can be found rushing to get my homework done.

Building a house-  Yes, we are building a house.  With that, we are trying to sell our house and our rental home.  I'm very excited to go back to just one house and not 3.  I'll do a separate post with details about this little stressor.  

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