Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween, Sariah picked Yo Gabba Gabba and assigned characters for each of us to be. She would be Toodee, Dad would be Muno, Ben would be Plex, and Mommy would be Foofa.

Of course, you can't buy a Toodee costume anywhere!!! Trust me I looked! So I again made the costume this year.

Our friend Rob snapped some quick phone pictures of us after a party tonight. I will try to get more pictures on the blog from Monday if I remember to take any that night. But at least here is a little peak at our group.

This first one also includes Iron Man as a guest star. Hehe. That is Rob and Jessi's son Ryan who wanted in on the photo action.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleep or eat?

Sometimes this is a hard decision. Apparently, Ben was so tired that he fell asleep while eating. Notice the hand still in the fry container?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sariah: (coughing) I don't feel so good.
Mommy: Should we stay home so you can feel better?
Sariah: Are we going bye bye?
Mommy: I don't think so. I think you are still too sick.
Sariah: I'm not so so sick. I'm just a little bit sick.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fwd: Bad due date calculator

> Okay so at times I love all the pregnancy updates my little pregnancy apps have. Like the development of the baby and when I reach the halfway point. Tonight...not loving it so much. That daily countdown part is really putting the pressure on me. I mean 8 weeks 5 days!!! Seriously???
> I've got a LONG to do list for the baby and for the house. And it is just a lot of overwhelmingness right now. Especially because I feel like much of the list I can't do with the kids around and much of it I need James' muscle for. Both things mean it is a slow process and not happening as quick as I want.
> Thank heavens my "Get it done" group is coming to my house this week. Hopefully that will get a lot of the list and let me focus in on less stuff.
> I've also had people ask me if I'm ready for 3 kids. To which my current response is "no, but I don't think I get a choice at this point.". I mean honestly I'm still have nervous panic attacks about how I will do it. I know that you just do. I know that I had the same kind of panic attacks with my other kids. How will I function on that little sleep? How will I do breastfeeding again? How will I give all my kids the individual attention they need? How will I get my grocery shopping done? How will I ever take off the pregnancy weight again? And on and on. And I know that you just do what you have to do. That it does work out somehow. I know that the Lord helps make up the difference. But sometimes I just feel like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhg!
> Seriously? 8 weeks 5 days?


Okay so yes these are sad, sad phone pictures of the current project. I promise it looks much better in person!  But if I don't post something then it will be 6 months from now before I do anything. 

I rescued this old window from my parent's basement. My mom and sister thought I was crazy, but I saw potential. I thought I was going to do vinyl on it with like family rules type stuff that I keep seeing. But I started it and then gave the cricut back to my aunt and really just felt unmotivated by it. 

Then I saw some window panes with photos and decided to try this. I took the word miracles for two reasons. One I had already done it in vinyl so it was easy. And two I would like to remind myself of the small daily miracles in my life. 

I'm slowly just printing pictures at home and plan to fill in the whole thing with my favorite photos of our family. I'm honestly just sticking them up there with double sided tape.  Hoping that it will be something that is simple and I will actually do and that I can rearrange on a whim.  So here is the progress so far...

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As I’m trying to document my kids more, I had a good day the other day.  Ben was being so cute playing in the door and I went and grabbed my camera.  Here are some of the pictures that I took.