Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sariah’s First Haircut

Sariah was fascinated by Ben’s haircut. So afterwards I asked, '”do you want me to cut your hair now?” She said “yep!”

I had already known that I wanted to get her hair trimmed because the ends were getting pretty bad and it caused it to tangle very easily. But I’m even more attached to her hair. She’s two and has never even had a trim!

So deep breath- here we go!

IMG_1430 IMG_1459IMG_1461 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1480 IMG_1535IMG_1523IMG_1496IMG_1487

Hard to get a decent after picture because it was wavy from the pigtails. I did cut more than I had planned to, but it turned out super cute! Right at the shoulders!


An egg filled candy for sitting SO still!! She did awesome!



Our two babies after the bath! They look SO much alike now!



Lisa said...

very cute.

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Wow i didn't realize she'd never had a cut. Think of what Ryan would look like if I'd waited till now hehe

McAtee Family said...

She looks so much more grown-up now - I love it!!

Colton Anne said...

So cute! I love all her expressions!