Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ben’s First Haircut

The before:

IMG_1420 IMG_1426


Look out below crazy balding and mullet all in one!


Ben wasn’t too sure about getting his hair cut.  I really had to talk James into it.  He wanted to just leave long, but I didn’t want him to start looking like a girl. 


It did make me sad to cut his hair.  I mean seriously he’s only 4 and a half months!


Here is the after though- Doesn’t he look so grown up!?  Such a little man!         

IMG_1448 IMG_1452 IMG_1458


KC Mom said...

At first I was dying that you were cutting his hair but once I saw the finished results I loved it! He looks like a darling little boy!

Kate said...

Love it! :)

mtritterbusch said...

Oh he looks so handsome!

Anonymous said...

You can already tell what he's going to look like when he's older from the second to last pic. So cute!!