Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Props to me

Okay I have to brag on myself a little today. I just ran 3 miles and
then afterwards walked another half mile at an incline.

Go me!

And go my kids for staying asleep while I did it!

As a side note of new body resolution point. I decided while I was
still pregnant that I didn't want to waste any time getting back into
shape after I had Ben. So I signed up for a half marathon back in
October. The actual race is in June. I started running on the 2nd of
January and this is my progress so far.

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Nana said...

I am so proud of you.....go Sam.

Lechelle said...


Rob the Blog Ninja said...

You go girl

Anie said...

hooray!!! you are kicken booty!!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I signed up for the 10K,but haven't really made much progress yet. Glad to see someone else is.

Anonymous said...

That's great Sam!