Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travel adventures

I'm on my way...sort of. I booked my tickets to have really short layovers. It is a long trip to Argentina and I don't travel well so I wanted to minimize as much as possible. Yeah apparently that is a bad idea. My first flight got delayed. Delayed by so much I missed my connection. 

I was just going to go home and fly out tomorrow but James insisted I take the option to stay in a hotel in Houston for a night. I'm not spontaneous. I don't like the unknown. The idea of figuring out another airport and how to get to a hotel and back to the airport, etc kinda gives me anxiety. But I'm supposed to go and enjoy a quiet night to myself. Maybe see a movie tomorrow. Hang out and rest. Relax...  So I'm going to try not to let it all freak me out. I'm going to be adventurous and enjoy my night without kids. 

Well that is once I actually get there. Currently just sitting at the airport in KC. But the plane has come and I will board soon.....

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