Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If I survive

I keep saying if I survive this week it will be a miracle.  I am overbooked for sure and my anxiety level is through the roof.  Here’s a little glimpse of the week:

Monday- only day with nothing scheduled.  However my car battery was dead and so I had to have my neighbor come jump me.  I was late taking Sariah to school.  We decided to go out to eat and the kids were CRAZY so it was kinda  a nightmare.

Tuesday- Sariah and Ben to playgroup.  Went to a get together at a friends to watch a demo on waxing- like waxing your legs.  Then a baby shower tonight for a sweet friend that lives in Sedalia now. 

Wednesday- Sariah to school, breadmaking class, boys to a sitter (thank heavens I actually had someone who said yes), then a babyshower at 11.  Then class that night which involves a CRAZY STRESSFUL HARD TEST ON MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS---Yes key source of stress here. 

Thursday- Supposed to run with a friend, but yet to find a babysitter to be able to do so.  James has class that night. I have a Relief Society activity which I have also yet to get a babysitter for. 

Friday- Family dinner that I’m hosting

Saturday- RUN HALF MARATHON, and Sariah is invited to a birthday party.  Oh and James is supposed to be helping the scouts deliver mulch all day as their fundraiser.

Sunday- Need to prep lesson and always a crazy day

And I have my online class so sometime during this week I have to post 2 discussions, respond to 2 other people’s post, do homework, take a quiz, AND A MIDTERM!! 

Yes, if I’m still alive next week then it will surely be a MIRACLE!!

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