Friday, January 4, 2013

My Ben

These are just a few shots of Ben.  I actually tried to take pictures of all the kids on the day Eli turned one.  But Eli was quite uncooperative, when he is normally a little ham in front of the camera.  Ben usually won’t hold still long enough for a shot, but this day actually humored me.  So I will try again with Eli, but for now a couple of cute shots of Ben.

He is 3 now and full of personality and emotion.  He is doing better at communicating, but I still struggle with his quickness to throw a fit.  He does give his momma lots of loves and snuggles that make it all worth it.  Each night now he wants me to snuggle with him in his bed.  I have to get under the covers.  And when I go to leave, he asks “check on me in a few minutes?”

For as frustrated as he can make me, he sure does melt my heart. 


IMG_0818 IMG_0822 IMG_0820

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