Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sorry blog

I wish I was one of those people that jourals everything and keeps track of stuff.  Especially since I have a horrible memory.  But I'm not and my memory still stinks.  So while I wish I had documented our crazy life the last several months oh well.  So here is where we finally are.  We have been in the new house for almost a month.  YAY!!  Still unpacking and organizing the new house.  But it is so nice to have more space and be in.  Our builder bought our old house as it did not sell before this one was done.  A blessing that we had that option and we are so thankful.  I know everyone wants pictures of the house and I will try to take some more and get them posted.  I have been so caught up in trying to get the house unpacked that pictures has been the last thing on my mind. 

We are taking a super hard Advanced Corporate Finance class.  Our midterm is next week.  So I should be studying but yet I'm blogging! hehehe 

The kids are growing as always.  I realized today that my header was from when Ben was about the age that Eli is now.  So I added the one from my sister in laws wedding, but I think a new family picture is sorely needed!

And now we head into our crazy time.....  My birthday is the 14th (the big 3-0 this year), then Ben is the 20th, Thanksgiving, Eli the 29th, then Christmas, James is Dec 30th, and then Sariah is Jan 7th.  Let the fun begin!!  (And yes we obivously stink at family planning!)

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