Monday, September 3, 2012


This pictures are a little hazy but oh well. We did the Bike for the Brain ride today with our friend Nathan. It was a great time. This was an amazing view of the city that was part of the ride. It started at Lamar in KS and went through a lot of downtown KC. The parts with lots of lights and traffic had me on edge. But there were two awesome sections that were scenic and just bikers. Those were heaven. I could bike them everyday! It has been fun to join James in this sport/hobby. He humors my slow pace and often stops to wait for me to catch up.

This was my 3rd time using my clip pedals. (where your shoe actually clips on to the bike pedal). But it was my first time not falling!! Yay!! I was super excited by that.

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Tina said...

Yea! You guys look great. I can't wait to get my bike out of storage and hit the road/ a few weeks. 'Too bad we aren't close enough to ride together.