Thursday, November 25, 2010

The plane ride

So the real pictures from the nice camera won't come until I'm home but since I've been requested to post trip updates here are the phone pictures. 

The plane ride was pretty good. It was a plane full of kids!!  I think 8-9 families with kids got on with us. And surprisingly it wasn't a crazy crying flight. 

Some firsts include- my first time changing a diaper in the airplane closet. I mean bathroom. And I got the privilege of doing it twice- for Sariah and Ben. Yeah that was horrible. 

The kids did pretty well. The people in front of us were nice about getting their sits kicked and bumped often. The last 10 or so minutes were spent sitting still waiting for our gate to be open. And at that point the kids were done and completely ready to get off the plane. I just kept praying please let us move! And finally we did and managed to get all our luggage without a cart! :) 

Got our rental car and then took about 6 hours to make our 2 hour drive to Liz's. Between stopping for dinner, stopping for water, stopping for diapers and rush hour traffic- it was a LONG drive. But we made it on Friday and slept pretty well that night. Until both my kids got me up at 5 am the next morning. 

Picture 1: Here is Sariah before take off. 

Picture 2:
Meg And Ben trying to watch Toy Story 3 together. 

Picture 3: 
Sariah enjoyed the little tray to put all her dollies on. Come to think of it I believe some stickers were left on that tray. Hmmm. 

Picture 4:
Meg had the magical touch and finally got Ben to take a nap. He slept a lot of the flight.


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