Sunday, December 13, 2009

New skill

Before I forget, Sariah has mastered a new skill this week. She can
now open doors all by herself. Now nothing is safe. :)

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Melissa said...

LOL. This reminds me when Rebekah was a newborn and Anna (3 at the time) would open the doors and go outside when I was nursing. I got good at nursing while walking.

Jessi :) said...

How funny - Ryan starting doing that this month too! Out came the Saftey 1st's even hard for me to turn those things!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

That's my girl!

Lisa said...

I can crochet some doorknob covers if you want. They work the same as the Safety 1st covers, but are easier for grown ups to open and cost a whole lot less. Let me know if you want one to try out.

James said...

The door opening isn't the big problem for me, it's that Sariah insists on going around closing all the doors all the time. I'll get her up from a nap and want to take her downstairs, or in the kitchen, and she insists on first closing every door upstairs!

Oh well, that's the frosting of life.