Monday, March 31, 2008

My most adorable baby

So I figure I will show a little back log of photos up through current to get this started. I have taken pictures of Sariah almost every day. These are just the highlights:

At birth:

First days at home:
With my brother:

Tummy time (back when she still liked it):
Hair glorious hair:
Isn't she a cute sleeper:
With my weird daddy:

Blessing day with Grandma Ransom, Great Grandma Dorn, and Grandma Mayo:
4 weeks:

Sariah loves baths now, but it took some getting used to:

Valentine's day photo for dad:
Sometimes she makes the best faces:

There is a mirror on the other side of the flower:

Reading with dad:

The cutest hat ever!

Chilling on the floor:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Maybe New York

We just found out my husband's company is planning to move to New York. So my world has been a whirl wind since Friday afternoon. Discussions of if we will move have been all that we've talked about. It is hard, because so much is unknown. They haven't picked an office location in the state. So we've looked at costs, but things very so much on location. They are supposed to be looking Monday. I'm just wishing and hoping that they will pick something quickly. Then beyond that we don't know exaclty what pay they are offering. They said that he would get a raise, but we don' know how much beyond just the increase in the cost of living.

There are mixed emotions all around. It is exciting to think about, but daunting to actually do. It would mean leaving both families and all of our close friends. I'm especially struggling with that. I have never lived away from family. I sit here with my 3 month old in my lap and think about moving her away from her grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Someone once told me that your baby is only a baby once. That this is the only time to know them this way. Once they grow up they will always be grown up. They will never return to this perfect innocent state. So I want my family to know her this way. To share the joys of all her "firsts."

Some people have told us that moving away from your family is the best thing you can do for your marriage. Maybe they are right. It would cause us to depend on each other more.

I think it is exciting and could be a great push for me to grow. To step out of my box and see more of the world. I have felt lately that life was too easy and things were going too well. Usually when I feel that way the Lord "blesses" me with a challenge. I guess this is it.