Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up late

I know the picture is dark but I still had to do it. Unfortunately it
is looking like another long night. Sariah got pretty sick starting
last night. High fever, runny nose, watery eyes. She had a lot of
trouble sleeping. James got up about 12:30 with her and I took the
2:30 time. She cried a little at some other point but went back to
sleep on her own thankfully. So I was concerned what tonight would end
up like. After a long day of grumpy fits, hardly eating, Tylenol,
benadryl, lots of tissues, etc., she laid down for bed pretty easy.
But sadly woke up again at 10:45 so we are up with her and James
snuggling and watching Dumbo. Hopefully she will go back down with the
medicine I just gave her and sleep through the night.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing outside

While James took a nap, Sariah and I played outside for a while. It
was so nice and cool. Just the right weather. We blew bubbles, made
beautiful pictures with chalk on the driveway, and got out some balls
to chase around. Here I tried to get us both in the picture but really
it is mostly of Sariah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am an artist

I decided to be creative with Sariah's bath paints. I think I did a
pretty good Elmo. Although at first Sariah said it was a bear. When I
pointed out that it was in fact Elmo she was able to appreciate my
creative genious. Hehe

Monday, September 14, 2009

Child labor laws?

I promise she wanted to work....


I woke up feeling just yucky today. I must have over done it this weekend.

Honey my car won't start

This is how my Friday started. I'm not a morning person. Thankfully
Sariah isn't either and usually sleeps til at least 8. So needless to
say James is very good at being quiet in the morning and leaves for
work without really seeing me or Sariah. And that is something I truly
love about him.

So on Friday when he comes in and wakes me up I'm not
really with it. I hear "My car is dead. Do you need to go anywhere or
can I take the Scion?". Well I did need to go to work because I was
meeting someone to pick up our water cooler thing. So I tell him that I need a car and he says he would go jump his. As I lay back down and try to go back to sleep I realize that he was probably running late and rushing to get to work and that I could probably just get his car jumped later. I didn't need to be at the office until 10. So I go downstairs and tell him to just go to work and take my car. That I will sort through his later. To leave my purse and the carseat.

So when I wake up I begin calling around. My sister is in class. My dad isn't answering his phone. Then thankfully I got a text from our good friend Rob saying he will be right over. So he comes over and we try to "back the car into the driveway." We learned that apparently the car won't go into neutral if there is no power. So we decide to pull Rob's truck into the garage. Okay so he doesn't have a little truck and seriously there was like 2 inches on either side with the mirrors folded in. After that he goes to hook up the battery and the connector comes right off. When he jiggles that, we can tell it wasn't that the battery needed a jump. It just needed a tighter connection. So we risked pulling the truck in just for fun!

And really that was just the start of the day. From then I realized that my office keys were with James connected to my car keys. So drove down to his office (Overland Park). I was a little early for lunch so we went to the JC Penny's outlet and picked up some jeans for my dad- who is continually needed new clothes that won't fall off him. We then went to the office and did lunch with James and was so thankful that the water people could meet me later. After lunch we drove up and the water guy showed up about 2 minutes later.

Then we drove to the cancer center by KU med to pick up a prescription for my dad. After that we had to go to 2 different CVS stores to have the 2 prescriptions filled. I did find some deals at each place though. Some of those medium size bouncy balls at one store for 20 cents instead of $2. Then at the other store I found some cute little crocs for 80 cents and a toy for sand or water for 70 cents. So not a total loss.

We took the meds to dad. And by the time I got home I was exhausted! Sariah and I each took a nap. And that concluded my very busy feeling but very unproductive feeling day! :(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Oh a lot of people have asked and so probably a lot of you know this. But we have picked a name. This does come with the clause (from James) that if he doesn't look like his name we will change it when he comes. Although I don't expect that to happen I did agree to it. So the name for our little boy coming is............

Benjamin Hays Ransom

30 weeks

So I had my doctor appointment today. I'm officially 30 weeks along now. So 10 more to go. Everything checked out great! He said I'm measuring just right and all my tests look good. I guess if I can average about 1lb per week I will gain the "ideal" weight! Hehehe I'm happy to be on track but let's just admit that I'm not going to deny myself any yummy food just to gain the perfect weight.

But YIKES!! I mean really only 2 and 1/2 months left! Is that for real? I'm not at all ready so I will hopefully be getting a lot done in the next month. (Let's face it you really are good for nothing the last month.) I have made some progress on cleaning and clearing out the room, but unfortunately not quite to the painting stage. I'm hoping to be there by this weekend.

I do enjoy the perks of nesting. I know maybe I'm weird. But I like that weird drive to do extra cleaning. Things that I would normally let slide or just do halfway. Tonight I was vacuuming and notice that a lot of strings, hair, etc had built up around the brush roller thing in the bottom. So I sat down and pulled it all out and made sure the vacuum was all ready to go. And didn't even feel like grumbling a bit! It is just nice to have that drive for a little while. (Not that this means my house is spotless, but it is on its way! :) )

I will try to get a picture up. I'm not very good at remembering to take pregnancy pictures. I had that goal to do one a month but nope didn't happen with Sariah and didn't happen this time. Oh well.

So here's to 10 more weeks! (Maybe 11 is he is at all like his sister!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yelling and bubbles

It was so nice out that we had to come out to play. Sariah loves how
her voice echos off the house across the street. Oh and who doesn't
love blowing bubbles.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I did an experiment with Sariah's hair this morning. Two little
French braids in the front. Turned out pretty cute I think-
especially considering how "perfectly still" she won't sit.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay so I had a nice spill yesterday. First a little background. As a kid, I was never very good at riding a bike. I didn't really enjoy it and never quite got the balance down. So they say you never forget and well I guess I didn't but when you aren't very good to start with...

Well James LOVES to ride. Mountain bike, road bike- he has both. So he has wanted me to learn and be able to ride with him and I finally caved. We started a few months back and much to my surpise I did okay. Still nerve racking, but I could do it. We did a couple nights just riding right by the house and then took a ride with Sariah in our neighborhood and over to a nearby neighborhood. My sister loaned us her bike trailer for Sariah to ride in. And Sariah really loves to go. So I pulled it once and thought I was so out of shape I might pass out right there. But managed 2 miles or so with her.

So James wanted to go again last night and had decided that he could hook Sariah up to the road bike (which I can't ride because I'm too short- yes he made me try). So I said yeah I would try it without her. But he had added the foot straps to the mountain bike which is what I can ride. So he wanted me to try using them with at least one foot. Which I could start that way so I thought okay I will try. So we started off and I was doing okay. Had my right foot in the strap and the left foot not using the strap. We get to the end of our street where we cross over to another neighborhood and have to stop for traffic.

So I had the pedals in the position where I should start off using my left foot. I'm not very good with the left. I'm VERY right side dominant on most things and this is no exception. So I try to go and I'm trying to use the left foot to start and going up hill and trying to get onto the road while James has already taken off. Well of course my balance goes off. And I start to fall to....the right side. Yeah the side that I have my foot in the straps on. And I can't get my foot out because well I'm not that coordinated yet. So it felt like I just slow motion fell like a tree (hence the Timber title) Falling straight onto my ride side- hard on the concrete. There was nothing I could do but fall over.

So today I have nice bruises on my elbow, and the inside of my knee where it hit the bike. The knee one is the worst because I can't put my knees together- it hurts. And just a little achy all over. But surprisingly my hip did not bruise- thank you pregnancy love handles!

And yes my sister has already chastised me and told me that I'm not allowed to ride anymore until I'm not pregnant. The baby seems just fine and was still nice and active today. So I know I'm nuts. But it was a really fun thing that we could all 3 do and enjoy. But I will probably hold off until after this baby comes to try again.