Friday, August 29, 2008

One snazzy dresser

So James was being ohh so helpful this morning and went to change Sariah. Now many times when he changes her, she comes back pantless. He just completely forgets to put them back on. This time however he didn't forget- YAY!!! But he came up with a new way of wearing them. Umm under the onesie......

I guess I should be thankful she had pants on. It is a step in the right direction! hehehe

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To be thankful

So I was listening to an Oprah podcast the other day and she was interviewing the author of Simple Abundance. They were talking about gratitude journals. You are supposed to write 5 things each day that you are grateful for. Now this isn't a new concept to me. I've heard lots of talks at church on journals and they all usually talk about gratitude journals. But for some reason this time it touched me. So I've started one. I don't always write everyday but I try. It has given me a focus to my journal that I like. It has helped me think more. I usually write my daily stuff here so I don't want to rewrite it in a journal. Nothing life altering has happened yet, but we'll see!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love to eat paper

Ok. So you always wonder why they have to put warnings on things like say a plastic bag. That a plastic bag is not a toy. And you think to yourself- or at least I did- why of course it isn't...I would never give my child a plastic bag to play with. And yet... They just love them so much that you then realize the warning is needed. Well alone with plastic bags, Sariah loves paper. I mean she loves it. To wrinkle it up in her hands, eat it, turn it over and over. So the other day I had her in her jumeroo a little to close to my bag of recycling aparently. Before I know is she has this piece of paper and is eating it. And as happy as can be!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just typing my blog mom

So here I am just typing up my blog. You know all about my baby life. The carrots, green beans and peaches. The diaper changes. The naps. The toys. And then mom has to interrupt me to take a picture!

First Pony Tail

Okay so I actually got Sariah's hair up in a clip in top of her head. Although it didn't stay like this for very long after the pictures, but for a short time it was so adorable.

Does she look like such a big girl in the next picture?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Give me a kiss

Yes, Sariah will now give nice wet open mouth kisses!! Oh it is the sweetest thing in the world!

My daddy did my hair

James gave Sariah a bath tonight and decided to have fun with her hair. So now it has dried sticking straight up! Having a girl with hair is so much fun!

Life happens

So I've been trying to do a lot lately and my blog has suffered. I'm trying to work on a more regular schedule, care for Sariah, do my church calling, be a good wife, clean my house, etc, etc. But this week I have spent most of my time painting. I'm trying to get our livingroom, kitchen, and hallway painted. I was hoping to have it done last night, but it was just impossible. See last night I started an enrichment group for church about home decor and interior design. I wanted to have my house all cute and perfect and FINISHED. But life happens. So I had most of it done, but the entry way wasn't finished and the kitchen wasn't started. So next month I have promised to have them done. I will have to take a few days off because I have thrown my shoulder out again. When it is done I will post pictures for everyone to ohhh and ahhh over. I'm very excited about it and will be so happy when I'm done. It is nice to have your home feel warm and inviting. Maybe we will throw a party when I'm done!

I love mum mums!

Ok, so mum mums are this little treats that are basically plain rice cakes in the shape of a thin cracker. Well Sariah loves them. I think she would eat only these if I let her. It is great because she can feed herself. But man they turn into this sticky gooo after she was worked on them and it makes such a fun mess!! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sariah got to teeth on the bottom at a little over 5 months. Kiera told me I needed to get pictures up on the blog of them. But anyone who has tried knows that it is SUPER hard to get pictures of a babies' teeth. Trying to hold the camera, hold their mouth open, get their tongue out of the way, keep their arms from grabbing the camera, and just hoping it focuses on the teeth.

So here is my latest attempt! Pretty good in my opinion!

Cute outfit

Sariah was being so cute in this little outfit.

What a funny face huh? (below)

What is it?

What is it about sleeping babies? I mean they are totally cute awake, but when the sleep! Man they are just toooooooo cute! Poor Sariah, she is so cute that I have to take a picture regardless of the risk of waking her up.

DDR Master

We had a friend over to DDR. Sariah loved it!! She loved to watch both the game and the people doing it. So I decided to give it a try with her. I must say she is quite a natural at it!

I can sit up so big

Sariah is now sitting up. She has been able to for a while, but is getting really steady now. She still falls over when she gets too excited, but she is doing good!